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My sathuragiri trip

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Officially we planned for long time to commence the activity, But this was happen very late, it was designed to do so.

Our members's office mate 5 in nos were joined with us. So 7 no crew ready to depart the holy trekking.

January 29 th friday

8.30 pm Assemble- had dinner
8.45 pm got the bus - K.P.N A/c coach to srivilliputhur. Had a comfort start
January 30th saturday

4.30 AM got down at Krishnan Koil a small junction near Srivilliputhur, had delicious tea and take the auto to reach a village koomapatty, where we invited. (in a piligrim book, this is the common thing that anybody who climb for the first time will get some nice reception from strangers. )

When we got in that auto (that driver demands just rs.110 for 15 kms 7 nos), we were looking arround the mountain range which we going to start.we came koomapatti at 6.30 am

My distant relation who i never seen him before that day, received all of us and gave good hospitality. After we done our essential duties had bath and breakfast too. That day is next to the full moon day.Again we take auto from koomapatti to thaani paarai . Everybody checked their holdings before start. My uncle , gave some valuable advices like where to stay, what to carry and importantly asked us to restrain from sadhu (who appears like sage) also he promised to meet their sunday morning. (Such local person can trek anytime , they need only 2 -2.3 hrs whereas we planned for 6 hrs trekking)

Journey started

9.30 am, The ideal time to start climb is 5-6 AM, bcoz the sunny day would decrease your energy level. We started.

Salute to Lord Ganesha, Shakthi Durga and royal Karuppannasamy (couplet- with wife).
Started with very enthusiasm . when i saw a 75 yrs old young man who sung a devotional devaram return from the hills, i thought about some of my friends and colleagues who challenged me that i cant go as i look like giant (just 100 kgs). I got the hope from him, Meanwhile that old man looked me and gave me a chocolate, i got scared.Soon i realised that the people who lives in competitive world look the person who loves all. Yes he really gave that chocolates to chew when i feel thirst.

Sooner we cross a little hill and came to valukkuparai. A small river run at the end of valukkuparai , a chain tied for grip over the small river.somebody jumped from the rock to other side bank of that river( Such a small flow of water.) Then we had a steep climb and take some photos.

Some of our team got good physique who climbed fastly than us, i too had few company. We walked slowly stoppped for bajji, sukku coffee, soda salt, shrebeth. We heard some interesting facts about a bohar mooligai (kanjaa) from a saint look guy. Then we crossed vana thurgai amman, chinna pasukkadai , periya pasukkadai and reached pilavadi karuppanna saami koil.

Mr.Pilavadi karauppanan is who take the charge of protection on the hills, which place is deemed to be the hidden secret of alchemy , in tamil rasavatham.

We had a superb bath there, near pilavadi koil. very small flow of water but such a great chillness. Our tiredness flew away. First i took bath and others hesitated, Looking at me everyone joined with.
At noon 2.30 pm we reached the sannithanam, we saw a strange bird has long pair tail in attractive colour.Then we enter into sundhara mahalingam sannithanam. As per my uncle Mr.Ragu's advice we got placed in raja chathiram, where we served delightful rasam and poriyal.
After that we take some rest.

The incharge of chathiram called me (us) for tea (flavored malli coffee) , got some information about thavasi paarai and peria mahalingam (We didnt go there ).

We started from Sundaramoorthy (Prathisted by agasthiyar) and went to Sunadara mahalingam (Where non-brahmnin serve pooja, who is the first one in TN to do by passing agamam standards as non-brahmin). For the first time my tears came out of my eyes in devotion when i heard the thiruvasagam. I feel the God in the Thathvamasy concept. He lives in music too.

We took some strange monkey photos and our next plan to go santhana maha lingam, just 0.5 - 0.75 kms from the entrance but in the dark. All were kept torch with us, (somebody told us bear may come there) we had a great experience by attending such two poojas. Near Santhana mahlaingam, We saw a sithar cave which so tiny like ventilator. We chat togehter about sidhars we known.

We return to Raja madam by 7.30 had dinner and return to bed. But i got some problem with my stomach, Yes Excreation. I cant ever deny the nature calls, apart from that I and Siva plan to walk @ night. So I called him, he came with me. We just take torch with us. The mist and chillness was stunning, but we came down about 1 - 1.5 kms . I did my duty.

It was that night after full moon day, so the whole mountain looks like marble. We heard noise of some animals, so we decided to return. We even enjoyed to see the glittering insects. We washed our legs is in that river too, again we had a second dinner in a shop (already planed to do so). We had dosai,bajji and tea. It was very different to have it on that time and place.

Januara 31 ,2010:

About 7.AM , We heard a voice of stranger. Its my uncle, he depart @ night 2.00 pm and stayed at outside. We were wondered about the guts of local person. Then he arranged special dharshan once again in sundara lingam, and he brought us to archagar's madappali, we had tea there.

Then started to descending. Some gone fast. While descending we felt that we forget to go Korakkar cave when we climbing. So we went there while descending, Oh my god!!!! We got an unbelievable enjoyment there, Yes we take bath in korakkar theertham. Very crystal clear water , when we put our leg we can see hundreds of fish bite. Its just like fish massage in Japanese.
After we take bath, we got quicker descending and reached foot hill within an hour. Where we saw Sun tv on video Shoot. Then we got an another surprise , my Uncle arranged for dinner. I feel that it may uneasy for him. But his hospitality was amazing. We all go there and had first class South Tamilnadu's vegetarian meals with surprise Tirunelveli Halwa too. I hope this lunch would be very different for my crew members.
My uncle arranged Auto to Srivilliputhur for the spl sweet "Milkkova". I stay in uncle's home and joined with them before 20 mints of train arrival. We take some traditional kolukkattai from Siva's MOM

Train came Sharply We got into. Got down at Tambaram @ 5.30 ,the nice journey end.

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